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Professor Paws Tells Us How To "Bruk Up" Against Love

Bruk Up

Professor Paws

An afrobeat song with pop elements, meant for the club.

Professor Paws is a producer from England who broke out onto the scene in 2019 with a house collab. He is a fiercely dedicated producer who has not let up since the start, dropping song after song to continue cultivating his following In his career, he’s worked with big English rap titans, including Giggs, Fekky, Cash, and Joe Grind. Starting last year, Professor Paws began undergoing an artist change. His discography, however old and new, is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Professor Paws’s latest release is the afrobeats mix, “Bruk Up.”

“Bruk up” is a pop song with strong Afrobeat influences. Put simply, it’s the song that you want to hear in the club. It can appeal to multiple audiences because it doesn’t fit into just one box. The artist is proving to be a talented producer from this masterpiece alone. In the track, he sings about women he wants, but they aren’t giving him the time of day. Lyrics like Bruked up, from Bombay to London, these ladies keep me love-struck, but I won’t take your love prove exactly this sentiment. At the same time, it feels like the song is always building, therefore making its climax absolutely amazing. So, stream Professor Paws’s “Bruk Up” to learn what it’s like to move on from ignorance.

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