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the art of duplexity (beat tape)

Big O & Tranzformer

Big O and Tranzformer continue to prove that their chemistry is on point.

I think that Big O is easily one of the top producers in the world right now (The rest of the folks on the list are Dylan). Personally, I love how he creates multi-faceted instrumentals that boast everything from authentic hip-hop feels to earthly vibes. Recently, O decided to link up with Tranzformer for the 12-track project the art of duplexity.

Here’s my advice for you: Just press play on this project and let the instrumentals take the wheel. the art of duplexity (beat tape) boasts a bunch of instrumentals that I find to be bedazzling, soothing, hard-hitting, futuristic-sounding, and refreshingly old-school. While most will make you nod your head, almost all of them will encourage your mind to do some reminiscing and deep thinking. My favorite tracks from the project are “Cake Mode” (This instrumental gives me NBA Jam vibes), “Hi Life” (This instrumental makes me want to smoke some weed and lay on a hammock), “Soul Bangin” (I just love me some soulful s**t), “Dream Walkin'” (I love how soothing this instrumental sounds), and “Lost in the crates” (This instrumental makes me want to freestyle).

Give the art of duplexity (beat tape) a shot below.

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