Kid Riz Says We Get Into All Sorts of “Situations”

An alternative pop song made for a long car ride.

Kid Riz Wants To Escape The "Situations"


Kid Riz

An alternative pop song that was made for a long car ride.

While Kid Riz is Montreal-born and raised, he’s relied on worldwide influences to create his music. The artist describes his recent singles as dark R&B/pop. However, his inspiration also rests on his relationships and experiences with love. Riz’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest EP, “Paradisus,” contains the alternative hit, “Situations.”

“Situations” sounds like it was made to be played during a solo car ride. In other words, it’s a low-energy song that doesn’t bring your mood down; Instead, it can match you wherever you are. In the song, Kid Riz sings about providing for someone he cares about. Of course, he emphasizes the complexity of love and relationships. All in all, “Situations” showcases Riz’s ability to master the difficult parts of life. At the same time, it displays his special writing abilities. If you’re anything like me and spend too much time looking for new, refreshing artists to listen to, add this man to your roster. In the meantime, stream Kid Riz’s “Situations” below to learn how to get yourself out of them.

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