Tunnel Vision


A classic hip-hop track with an inspiring side.

The Leeds, UK-based musical creative, C.Wood, is an up-and-coming rapper and songwriter who began writing during a difficult period in his life. However, like many other artists, Wood used his talents to transform real-life issues into unforgettable music. The ability to turn his experiences into a shared universal language is rare, but this creator has the power to use it for good. Clearly, Wood also has a great love for that work. His tunes offer up a distinctive flow and emotional lyrics that create relatable scenarios. His music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. C.Wood’s latest drop is the hip-hop single, “Tunnel Vision.”

We love classic rap here at RGM, and C.Wood falls perfectly into the hip-hop we worship. “Tunnel Vision” is somber-tinged because of its low-key instrumentals over a steady beat. However, it has absolutely everything one could want in a hip-hop piece. Lyrics like “I can get some help and even look into some ways to breathe/I’ve got the strength I have to make believe” and “I was sick of the panicking, standing in the way of my happiness. I couldn’t handle it, beginning to fathom it. I think that I’m managing, but I’m not quite sure” explore those inner struggles. They’re meant to be uplifting to listeners and to encourage them to hope. While the sounds provide a slightly dark vibe, the tune is nicely balanced out by that hope in the lyrics. So, stream C.Wood’s “Tunnel Vision” to head back into the classic, nostalgic rap.

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