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My Side


DaniLeigh tackles her relationship with DaBaby in this five-track project.

Sometimes, the best way to get over a break-up is to drop a full body of work dedicated to it; that’s exactly what DaniLeigh decided to do today. As you may know by now, the Florida singer was in a situationship with DaBaby that ended with the birth of a child and a shouting match. To prove that she has fully moved on, Dani decided to release a brief project called My Side that tackles her feelings about it.

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In this project, DaniLeigh speaks on how things with downhill with DaBaby. Not only does she bring up the viral moments, but she also mentions the beef her brother had with the Charlotte rapper. While I am no fan of toxic relationships, I am a fan of people getting s**t off their chest in their music.

Listen to the very juicy My Side below.

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