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she / her / black b*tch (EP)


Yep, Doechii is about to take off.

Doechii is the next best thing in hip-hop. Not only is she signed by both TDE and Capitol Records, but she was also featured on this year’s XXL Freshman list. Smartly, as we are still getting used to her greatness, Doechii decided to release a five-track EP called she / her / black b*tch.


Doechii holds zero back on this EP. In “Swamp Bitches,” she and Rico Nasty go ham and cheese over a crazy-ass beat, in “Bitch I’m Nice,” she talks her s**t over a JJ Fad-Esque beat, in “Bitches Be,” she flexes her petty side, in “This Bitch Matters,” she gets her neo-soul on, and in “Persuasive,” she and SZA pay homage to the sticky icky icky. My biggest takeaway while listening to the project is that Doechii has ‘it.’

Doechii is an alien.

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