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Listen To “R&B MONEY” By Tank

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R&B MONEY (Album)


“R&B MONEY” is supposedly Tank’s last album.

Did Diddy bring R&B back from the dead? Ever since he made disparaging comments about the current state of the genre, a few hot new R&B albums hit streaming services. Tank’s R&B MONEY is one of those albums.


This is R&B music in its purest form. R&B MONEY features well-crafted choruses, romantic lyrics, smooth vibes, and amazing singing performances. Though the summertime isn’t quite over yet, the project will get you ready for cuffing season.

If you are in a rush, let me give you five songs from this album that you should listen to: “Lets Take A Ride,” “See Through Love,” “It’s Nothing,””Can’t Let It Show,” and “I Deserve.”

Give R&B MONEY a shot below.



2. When You Dance

3. Home

4. No Limit (Ft. Alex Isley)

5. Slow

6. Morning (Ft. J Valentine)

7. Can’t Let It Show

8. See Through Love (Ft. Chris Brown)

9. Spoil Her Alert

10. I Deserve

11. Too Late

12. Make Sure (Ft. Feather)

13. Lets Take A Ride (Ft. Rotini and TVERSE)

14. It’s Nothing

15. Awesome (Ft. Blah Tuxedo)

16. Regular


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