inflicted by dedication

Inflicted By Dedication

Steven Brackley

An energetic melody and motivational lyrics in a pop song.

Singer-songwriter, Steven Brackley, is an up-and-coming American artist who has just released his first two singles. Debuting in the music scene with “Pretty Wings,” Brackley plays with alternative sounds mixed up with pop elements. He informed Buzz Music that he first started off by wanting to write love songs, but after a while, he ditched the idea and went in another direction. According to Brackley, both of the songs he released were “crafted during the lowest point of my life.” All his work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Steven Brackley’s second single, “Inflicted By Dedication,” is an energetic pop song.

“Inflicted By Dedication” is very special to Brackley. According to the artist, the lyrics are about “inspiring me to pursue happiness since I, myself, haven’t been feeling it for a long time.” He attempts to bring that happiness to others through his sweet words. The vocals attempt to match the happiness, and the melody has a nice, easy-going flow. However, it sounds a little amateur to me, as if the vocals and the melody don’t go along together well. Besides that, the acoustic and remastered versions don’t necessarily have good sound quality. With that being said, Brackley’s Spotify allows you to check out different versions of the song. That way, a little happiness is available in different ways. So, stream Steven Brackley’s “Inflicted By Dedication” to learn what your joy might look like.