Kid Travis Says You're "All I Need"

All I Need

Kid Travis

Kid Travis keeps the hits coming.

Kid Travis is changing the R&B genre with each song that he releases. Travis’s sweet, soulful voice smooths over any track like it’s butter. Meanwhile, he combines R&B, indie punk, and alternative rap to brighten the dark topics he usually sings about. Travis’ whole discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and his own website. We’ve reviewed many of his hits, including “Take From Me,” “Let Me In,” and “Sunset Avenue.” Travis’ latest single, “All I Need,” proves why he stands out among his R&B peers. 

“All I Need” turns a few guitar strums into a laid-back, energetic song that fuses the genres of R&B and indie. Content-wise, Travis proves that his love for his girl is as addictive as his music. He describes their relationship as a never-ending honeymoon phase where nothing else matters. This song is perfect for anyone who is in love and doesn’t know how to express it. It shines a light on how heightened affection is once you’ve found that special someone.

Stream Kid Travis’s “All I Need” below!

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