Chris Buxton

An easygoing pop single with plenty of heart.

Rock Hill, South Carolina native, Chris Buxton, is also known as Joshua Reid. Buxton is an American singer and songwriter who considers variety his genre. With plenty of passion for his work, he doesn’t limit himself to one style: instead, he considers his music genre-less. Still, the artist is well-known for “fusing a sound that is a mixture of alt-rock and pop with indie undertones.” Some of Buxton’s previous work includes tracks like “Remember,” “Mary, Lucy, I,” and “HEAT OF THE NIGHT.” All of these (And more) are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Chris Buxton’s latest drop is the pop single, “OLIVIA.”

“OLIVIA” offers up a warm soundscape that makes us feel like we’re waking up wrapped in affection. Lyrics like “When I wake up in the morning, There’s this girl I think about” and “I fed you lies and broke your heart, Wish we could go back to the start” reminisce on romance. Or, in this case, broken romance. The artist’s sweetheart is gone, and he’s longing for the chance to make things right. It’s missing who you love the most, and it’s a reminder to hold them close. With soft vocals beautifully blended into soothing instrumentals, Buxton’s new creation is a perfect listen for romance lovers. So, press play on Chris Buxton’s “OLIVIA” to feel a bit like Olivia; wanted and missed!

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