Kodae Embraces the Funk In “Fractals”

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Kodae Is In "Fractals"



An experimental groove about one’s pieces. 

Kodae is a Canadian-based musical group that meshes with alternative R&B, modern pop and introspective jazz. Despite their different backgrounds, Kodae’s mutual love to feel the groove emphasizes the mystical, warm energy their music gives people. The group lead is Annie da Silva and her silky voice and deep-cut lyrics. At the same time, Owen McPherson puts his soulful roots on the bass while Eric Osborne creates vibrant harmonies on the guitar. Curtis Sauer bringing the rhythm on the drums, and Seyoung Lee lively jazzy sound on the keys. In 2019, Kodae released their debut singles “Candles” and “Daybreak.”  In 2021, they dropped “Awake With Crystal Eyes.” These songs, and all their others, are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Kodae’s most recent release is the groovy hit, “Fractals.”

“Fractals” paints a vivid image of getting lost in your daydreams, as if you’re traveling into different worlds. The light-hearted, jazz-pop-infused song lets listeners fantasize about life’s more joyful sides. This song radiates serenity through the mind while you’re unwinding on the weekends or chilling with friends on a nice, relaxing day. With Annie’s vocals melting through the funky guitar strokes and cheery instrumentals with neo-soul, alternative, and indie R&B elements. As a result, it’ll put anyone into a dreamy haze. It will also remind them of the optimism Kodae brings into their songs. This group is truly hidden gems in alternative R&B, pop, and jazz music genres. So, listen to Kodae’s “Fractals” to find those pieces of you in other happy places.

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