DYLI Thinks You Have "Pretty Brown Hair"

Pretty Brown Hair 


An R&B hit that embodies the “cool side” of Gen Z.

Out of Stockton, California, rising musician, Dyli, is the one with the most swag. Her passion for music blended with her undeniable confidence has crafted her into the artist she is now. In 2019, DYLI dropped her debut single, “2312,” and in the following years, she released tracks “Cotton Candy” and “drugs.” With her upbeat pop meshed R&B melodies, she defines a new generation of musicians singing about the Gen Z reality. DYLI’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and her own website. In 2022, DYLI released her latest single, “Pretty Brown Hair.” The song also has an official video. 

“Pretty Brown Hair” is definitely for the angsty side of Gen Z, and it draws inspiration from iconic movies such as “Mean Girls” and “Legally Blonde.” At the same time, it embodies the emotions of most of the younger generation, sending them out to the world. This song is a rhythmic, slick R&B and pop-infused anthem for brunette-haired women. However, it’s also for women who need that extra push to be their best selves. It’s not necessarily a dance hit, but it can easily become one. Either way, “Pretty Brown Hair” effortlessly remains a girls’ night out classic that anyone can enjoy with their friends. So, stream DYLI’s “Pretty Brown Hair” if you feel like you need a little confidence booster or an emotional outlet.

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