Ali Diane Carries "Baggage" Of Her Own


Ali Diane

An electrifying pop track about mental health and insecurities.

Seattle-based pop artist, Ali Diane, wants to make people happy through her music. Having dealt with health issues since birth, she uses music as a way to escape from those difficulties. Her first crack at making music was back in 2016 after returning from a college program at Walt Disney World. She later formed a small band with a friend in 2018 and has been live performing since. Artists like Julia Michaels, Sia, AJR, Quinn XCII, and Olivia O’Brien have helped to influence her dynamic pop sound. Her work is available on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and her own website. Ali Diane’s “Baggage” is the latest hit to help her heal from her depression.

“Baggage” is about finally releasing all the negativity you’ve allowed to build up within you. Diane doesn’t try to hide any of the doubts or insecurities she’s facing on this track, making it feel all the more authentic. While she sings about being impossible to love, there’s sincerity and clarity in her voice that makes the meaning clear. Lyrics like “It’s hard to love the things you hate and cover up the worst in me” and “Built these walls to protect who I am” show the internal struggles that she and many others face. With a chorus that’s filled with stimulating productions, the song is a pure dose of serotonin that’s quite addictive. As you sing along with her, you feel your own personal sadness seem to drift away. So, stream Ali Diane’s “Baggage” to empower and help lift yourself up through those dark days.

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