Yes I Do

French Montana

French Montana had a star-studded birthday weekend.

There aren’t many rappers that do it as big as French Montana. Because of this, it was not hard to believe that he had Jamie Foxx, Vin Diesel, Soulja Boy, and Swizz Beatz at his 38th birthday party this pass weekend. French decided to release “Yes I Do” this weekend to accompany his lofty B-Day festivities.

In “Yes I Do,” French Montana raps about popping Rosé, hitting married women, and spending money recklessly. The song boasts this dark, bass booming beat that I think is perfect for any nightclub in the world. As for French, he raps with a pep to his step and switches between a gritty rapper and a fearless singer. When it’s all said and done, I wouldn’t be surprised if French told the DJs at his birthday party to play nothing but this track.

Give “Yes I Do” by French Montana a shot below.

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