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Down In Atlanta

Pharrell Williams & Travis Scott

Neither Pharrell nor Travis Scott are from Atlanta (SMH).

It feels like an eternity since Travis Scott’s tragic incident at ASTROWORLD happened. He hasn’t exactly laid low since, but he definitely hasn’t been dropping a bunch of music either. Just a couple of days ago, it was announced that Travis will perform at Rolling Loud: Los Angeles in a couple of weeks. What this tells me is that he is ready to make his official return to the music scene. What also tells me this is that he decided to release his first semi-solo single in a while today: “Down In Atlanta” with Pharrell Williams.

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“Down In Atlanta” features one of the most interesting beats you would hear in 2022. That s**t gives me “Leave Me Alone” by Michael Jackson vibes. It definitely doesn’t sound like some s**t you would hear from an Atlanta artist. No need to worry, you get very typical Travis Scott melodic raps in the song. As for lyrically, what I think is pretty dope is that he pays homage to Georgia’s most poppin city by bringing up a few of their legends. I also think it’s dope how he shows zero fear in sounding like a dude that got swallowed up by a computer with low hard disk space.

Give “Down In Atlanta” by Travis Scott and Pharrell Williams a shot below.