Catch Cold


An Afrobeat single about moving on from a toxic ex.

Nigerian-based musical creative, Mayé, is an emerging singer, songwriter, and music producer. During a recent interview with the rising artist, Mayé revealed plenty of details about his song-making process. “I am influenced by a diverse range of artists who inspire me to always want to try something new,” he stated. Mayé also noted that his mom initially sparked his passion at a young age after she told him to join a children’s choir. His discography is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Mayé’s latest drop is the Afrobeat single “Catch Cold.”

“Catch Cold” is all about missing the love, but not the person. Of course, this leads to confusion on everybody’s part: How do you miss love but not the lover? The answer is that the lover was toxic. Lyrics like “What didn’t I do to get you on my side? The only thing you did was take me for a ride” and “What did you do with every beat of my heart? The only thing you did was rip it all apart” speak about moving on from the painful experiences of an unappreciative ex. With a blend of pop, R&B, and dancehall, along with captivating, charismatic vocals, Mayé gifts us this compelling listen. So, press play and let the words of Mayé’s “Catch Cold” remind you that real ones will stand by your side no matter what.