A French pop song with a bold and stylish sound.

The French musical team, Babie, is a collaborative group that gathers individuals from all walks of life. The project was created by singer, dancer, and performing artist, Barbara Delleur, and composer, Ernst W. Meinrath. Since its conception, Babie has reached out to artists from various disciplines to build up an innovative collection of work. The project focuses on reaching listeners who are “engaged, passionate, curious, and creative.” Their work is available on Spotify. Babie’s debut release is the French pop single, “Regardez-moi.”

A dynamic blend of infectious instrumentals and bold tones makes this French song sing on its own. “Regardez-moi” offers a mesmerizing fusion of sounds that complement every individual’s contribution differently. Additionally, it honors every part of life that makes up the group. Lyrics like “Regardez-moi, Je suis la reine, je suis le roi je suis un tout tu es à moi” and “Chacun sa place, c’est l’univers qui est roi, T’es qui t’es quoi, t’es quoi” are vibrantly delivered with plenty of passion. Every voice is obvious in one, and every word has a story about one of the artists. Its captivating vocals amid a stylish soundscape creates the most beautiful and rarest of songs. This freshman single is a universally ear-pleasing listen, regardless of the language that you speak. So, press play and find your inspiration in Babie when you want someone to “Regardez-moi.”