Never Gonna Lose (Westside Baby)

Ronnie Dijon

Ronnie Dijon refuses to get caught lacking in life.

Ronnie Dijon is coming, y’all! This year, he has had his foot on the gas. Not only did he deliver on singles such as “Cash App” and “Nobody,” but he also dropped a full-length project called LOVE IS REAL that I think every true hip-hop fan should check out. One of the best tracks from his recent project is the explosive “Never Gonna Lose (Westside Baby).”

In “Never Gonna Lose (Westside Baby),” Ronnie Dijon raps about his admirable work ethic, his aggressive mentality, and his intentions on staying alive longer than Wyclef Jean. The song boasts this hard-hitting, uptempo hip-hop beat that compliments Ronnie’s steady flows and confident deliveries well. It also features a catchy hook that might make you go even harder at the gym. All in all, “Never Gonna Lose (Westside Baby)” is the ultimate hype track for hustlers.

Give “Never Gonna Lose (Westside Baby)” a shot below.

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