Dylan Dunlap

A pop tune that explores the effects of trauma.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Dylan Dunlap, is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who gained attention just before the pandemic. He got recognition with hits like 2019’s “If That’s Alright” and 2020’s “Who Would Have Thought.” In taking influence from artists like Coldplay and Mumford & Sons, Dunlap’s distinctive sound offers “a lush and hopeful blend of pop, folk, and electronica.” His music also serves as “a platform for mental health advocacy.” One of Dylan’s most recent hits is the awakening piece, “Bad For Me.” This song, and others, is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. One of his recent drops is the pop tune, “Crave.” The song also has both an official audio and a live version.

Setting the tone with a stripped-down guitar-driven backdrop, “Crave” creates an intimate soundscape to explore raw emotions. We’re left with reminders of trauma and how they might have similarly hurt us. Lyrics like “Hate my own reflection / Me, myself, and darkness / Why do I crave what I hate? Don’t wanna take you to my grave” and “I’m scared I don’t have the power / But I’m done feeling like a coward” intimately examine how trauma has impacted this artist specifically. However, while it’s brutally honest, this song also looks at mental health struggles in a more pleasant way. It combines ear-pleasing instrumentals and wonderfully warm vocals to make us feel safe enough to talk about it ourselves. Dunlap gifts us a thoughtful and relatable pop tune that helps us come out with our experiences. So, press play below to experience the emotional aches of “Crave.”

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