In Japan

Canny Lando

“In Japan” is one of Canny Lando’s many releases from this year.

Canny Lando is an up-and-coming musician from Memphis, Tennessee. What music fans will love about him is that he gives off fresh, youthful energy that usually translates into music that sounds both lighthearted and adventurous. Though Canny was born and bred in the US, in his latest single, “in Japan,” he takes us overseas.

“In Japan” combines anime vibes with psychedelic, upbeat hip-hop vibes. The concoction will encourage you to get excited in a very trippy way. As for lyrically, in the song, Canny relies on choppy flows and hypnotizing crooning to speak on his experiences in Japan and his ability to get women to let loose. Overall, “In Japan” will be a fun listen for anyone who enjoys stepping outside the box a bit.

Give “In Japan” by Canny Lando a shot below.

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