A dark pop gem that explores toxic relationships.

US and Germany-based musical creative, Natalie, is an alternative pop producer, singer, and songwriter who describes herself as “anti-genre.” Natalie’s mission is to stand out by never letting us pin a label on her. Some of her previous work includes tracks like “Fatal Attraction,” “Blue Jungle,” and “Playboy.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify and SoundCloud. Natalie’s latest drop is the pop single “Torment.”

While “Torment” offers up a compelling and stylish soundscape, it also has a dark message. Lyrics like “Your insides are so ugly / Rotten, broken / Just like mine” and “Love me, choke me, torment me all night / Every piece you take is like a bite” offer up spine-tingling chills. Of course, this is also thanks to the artist’s sultry, whispery-like vocals. With hypnotic tones and plenty of wicked moments, Natalie gifts us with a catchy pop gem that beautifully balances out its darker sense with some playful elements. So, press play below and experience the “Torment” of being broken piece by piece.

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