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Wiz Khalifa

Wake me up when Wiz Khalifa says he’s never smoking again…

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to limit my drinking. I don’t think it’s an evil thing to do, I just f**king hate having heartburn (Yea, I am getting old). Apparently, Wiz Khalifa has a similar resolution as I do; for different reasons, though. Today, he dropped a new single called “#NeverDrinkingAgain.”

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In “#NeverDrinkingAgain,” Wiz Khalifa talks about a night of drinking leading to some very bad decisions. Interestingly, the song features stripped-down production that forces Wiz to bring out his smoothest vocals and somberest lyrics. Like, this s**t literally sounds like the musical version of Tory Lanez’s jail call to Kelsey (Too soon?).

Wiz Khalifa is performing at a New Year’s Eve event today. I’m sure he will drink before getting on the stage.