Winning Streak


A hip-hop single about grinding your way toward success.

Pittsburgh, PA-based musical creative. Ro$$eTTi, is an up-and-coming artist who began tapping into his creative side when he was just a child. Growing up in Petersburg, VA, Ro$$eTTi divided his time between his home state and Newark, New Jersey. This split is evident in the artist’s music, which “seamlessly blends a traditional east coast hip-hop flow with southern qualities that made us fall in love with hip-hop acts south of the Mason-Dixon.” Ro$$eTTi’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. His latest drop is the three-track hip-hop album, For The Love Vol. 1: Can’t Cheat the Grind. Ro$$eTTi’s latest album features the song “Winning Streak.”

It’s moody, yet melodic enough to keep us all in check. “Winning Streak” sets the perfect tone for its motivational exploration, which sums up exactly what this song is meant to be. Lyrics like “Even though I know they quietly sick of me, hoping that they can get rid of me,” and “I’m way to petty to let it affect me, I’m thriving on all of this energy / I don’t be caring about all of this s***, so I’m balling out just for the memory” hear the artist reflect on focusing on his goals and not letting other’s negativity weigh him down. The whole point of this song is to encourage us to explore our lives with the intention of coming out on top. Smooth-flowing deliveries and witty wordplay nicely show off the sharp skills that have led this artist to the same. So, press play below to get yourself on a “Winning Streak.”