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Ma Boy

JID & Lute

Dreamville’s best role players shine in “Ma Boy.”

Do you know what’s a shame? I’ve yet to watch a single Creed. As a black man, I’ll be real with you, I am kind of embarrassed. In a few months, a brand new Creed movie will hit streaming services. To get those who watched the previous versions hyped up, the people behind the film decided to release the first single off its soundtrack: “Ma Boy” with JID and Lute.

It’s all about brotherhood and bars. In “Ma Boy,” JID and Lute share how they have shared everything from success to hardships with their “boys.” Though the song sorta breezes through, especially when you consider the quick flows the two rappers rely on, it does leave a lasting impact with its vulnerable and hard-hitting lyrics. After you are done listening to it, you’re definitely going to want to crack a few IPAs with your day ones.

Give “Ma Boy” by JID and Lute a shot below.

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