“Only One” should be played over and over again on Valentine’s Day.

Destiny Imani is an up-and-coming singer from Los Angeles, California. What listeners will like about her music is that it’s touching, heartwarming, and extremely infectious. After releasing the very impressive “Again” last year, Destiny has opened up 2023 with two new singles: “Love Land” and “Only One.” Below, we will talk about the latter.

In “Only One,” Destiny lets her partner know how much she appreciates them. She also promises that she will support them through thick and thin. The song boasts a slow-burning pop instrumental that does everything in its power to pull at heartstrings. Over it, Destiny blesses us with a comforting vocal performance that meshes nicely with her endearing lyrics. All in all, “Only One” is a tender track with strong replayability.

Give “Only One” by Destiny Imani a shot below.

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