DB Goes Through His "Rebirth"



American-based rapper, DB, came into the rap game with a purpose. In his creations, he prefers to do a deep dive into modern topics and situations. As a result, his music is very relatable to people living everyday lives. DB’s discography is available on Spotify and his own website. His latest single is the powerful “Rebirth.”

In “Rebirth,” DB cuts deep into his struggling past. He starts by praying “his mama never sees him in a hearse,” and ultimately discusses the struggles of feeling stuck in his life. His honesty throughout the song feels like an emotional testimony to change. People who have struggled similarly will relate to the tears shed and the fear of never making it out of the mud. Accompanied by a mid-tempo, piano-layered trap beat, DB does a good job of shifting between sounding unfiltered and melodic, which allows his emotions to really illuminate.

Stream “Rebirth” by DB to start your own new chapter of life. 

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