We didn’t get to do full reviews for these albums, but we did get to listen to them!

G Perico & DJ Drama – Hot Shot: Gangsta Grillz

G Perico really be rapping his ass off. In Hot Shot: Gangsta Grillz, he proves he’s one of the rawest from the west.

Hot Shot: Gangsta Grillz is the definition of a solid project; nothing more, nothing less. In it, G Perico raps very hard over beats that has its jazzy moments but also knock harder than an angry ex. As for lyrically, in nearly every rap verse, he comes across as the realest negro on the block. Like, imagine O Dawg from Menace 2 Society taking a rap career seriously. All in all, I like this project.




Money Man – Red Eye

Lowkey, Money Man is one of the hardest-working dudes in the hip-hop game. It feels like every other month he has a new project for us. Money Man’s latest drop is a 15-track project called Red Eye.

Red Eye is a solid trap album. What I do wish is that Money Man rapped with more energy on it (He literally sounds like he doesn’t want to be there) and that the trap beats he did his work over sounded a little more complex. With that being said, I think the project is one of those that you simply let run in the background to catch a vibe.




T-Pain – On Top Of The Covers

The biggest secret in hip-hop history is that T-Pain has a great voice. This past weekend, he released an eight-track project called On Top of The Covers. In it, he covers classic tracks by folks like Frank Sinatra, Chris Stapleton, Black Sabbath, and Sam Smith. He actually holds his own, y’all!




Swarm – Kirby, Ni’Jah & Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino’s latest creation is a TV series called Swarm. After seeing an NSFW scene from the show the other day, I became sold. To get the world hyped up for the series, Childish Gambino and his friends decided to release a soundtrack for the show.

Most of the tracks from the Swarm soundtrack mix R&B with chipmunk vocals and upbeat vibes. Though it will take some time for your mind to understand what you’re listening to, once you do, you’ll enjoy yourself. With that being said, KIRBY and Ni’jah are f**king superstars in the making!




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