Tulips & Roses


Ironically, I think G-Eazy deserves his flowers.

Where the hell has G-Eazy been? Since releasing These Things Happen Too in 2021, I feel like he’s been pretty damn quiet. Today, the Bay Area rapper decided to return to the music scene with an introspective new single called “Tulips & Roses.”




In “Tulips & Roses,” G-Eazy talks about taking drugs in the past, hating comparisons, and being motivated to take over the game all over again. Though the vibes the beat gives off are on some hip-hop Shakespeare s**t, the “No Limit” rapper still comes across as cooler than a car with some tints on it. I think it’s safe to say that G-Eazy is back!

Give “Tulips & Roses” a shot below.

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