Andre Tavares

A pop tune that explores love, loss, and longing.

Musical creative, Andre Tavares, is a rising artist. Tavares is all about wordplay and making sure the listener feels as important as himself. Each of his unique creations forces us to feel some sense of love or affection. Some of Tavares’s previous tunes include tracks like “Life That I Chose,” “road that i travel,” “START IT BACK,” and “GOING CRAZY.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. One of Andre Tavares’s recent releases is the pop single “STAY WITH ME.” The song also has accompanying visuals.

“STAY WITH ME” is dedicated to the people who don’t want to let go after a breakup. Lyrics like “I ain’t mean to phone you / And now you scar me like a tattoo / The way you left me like you planned too” and “It’s about time that I let you go / Locked in / I’m in hustle mode / You on my mind when I’m on the road / Hate to blow it up but I might implode” reminisce on the loss of a former love and the longing desire to be reunited. However, it just can’t happen. Tavares won’t let it, and neither should we.

Press play below to listen to Andre Tavares’s “STAY WITH ME.”

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