Lauren Black & Bobby Crane

A pop gem that reminisces on love’s destructive nature.

Orange County, California-based musical creative, Lauren Black, is an American country singer and songwriter who gained a big name young. Black has been developing her work as a full-time musician since 2014. When she was 16 years old, She opened for Alice Cooper after winning the artist’s Proof is in the Pudding songwriting contest. Black was also named runner-up in CMT’s NSAI Songwriting Competition and won MTV’s Cover of The Month Competition in 2017. As a result of her awards, the young artist has been picked up by major record labels. She is currently represented by DNT Entertainment. Black’s work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. For her new pop single, “HURRICANES,” Lauren Black teamed up with the multi-talented Southern California musician, Bobby Crane.

Paired with melodic and sweet backtracks, “HURRICANES” denies its own title through its musical softness. Lyrics like “I shoulda known that you’d let me drown / There were sirens all around when you blew into town” and “I thought that you were a summer day / But then I found out you were a hurricane” examines the unpredictable and destructive nature of a romantic interest who isn’t what they seem. At the same time, it becomes hard to hear the hurricane, which only reiterates the message: We don’t always see the worst until we’re in it. This song is the only remaining barrier between us and the insanity we might put ourselves through. So, press play below to experience a powerful storm with “HURRICANES.”

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