Double Fantasy

The Weeknd & Future

These two toxic muthaf**kas always make the best music together!

The Weeknd and Future have arguably two classic collaboration tracks under their belts: “Low Life” and “Comin Out Strong.” Though they have completely different styles, I feel like they bring something out of each other each time they link up. Today, The Weeknd and Future released a sizzling new club banger called “Double Fantasy.”



Do you know what I love about The Weeknd? He gives me both Michael Jackson and asshole stepfather vibes. Like, in “Double Fantasy,” his voice is pleasant and nurturing, but at the same time, his lyrical content is on some lowkey demonic s**t (He pretty much talks about brainwashing his chick). I mean, I want to dance and get lost in this song, but at the same time, call Steve Wilkos on this ninja! As for Future, his verse, which has him sounding hyped up and ready for some action, is just there. I definitely didn’t need it.

Feel conflicted by pressing play on “Double Fantasy.”

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