Lead the Way

Hugh Klein

An R&B single that captures the essence of love.

Australian musical creative, Hugh Klein, is a singer and songwriter who likes to provoke the soul. The artist’s unique sound comes from a “wide-spanning influence from pockets of Blue Note jazz & neo-soul to feature film scores.” Some of his previous creations include tracks like “Quand C’est Mou” and “Sensitive.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Hugh Klein’s latest drop is the R&B single “Lead the Way.”

It’s mellow and slow, a rainy-day soundtrack that seems like it needs so little to be perfect. “Lead the Way” is a warm and slothful song for anyone who needs the faith of someone else put into them. Lyrics like “I’ve been living all my way / I’ve been living way too sober / Anything to feel this day / I’ve been gettin’ next to no one” and “If you let me lead the way / Lead the way / I won’t shake / I won’t fade” are delivered with soulfully sensual vocals. This is an anthem for those who feel alone, and for those who want to spend their nights with someone else. There’s so much pleading for trust that it’s hard to say no. So, press play below to allow Hugh to “Lead the Way.”

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