Visiting Nairobi is definitely on my bucket list.

Mezmah is a hip-hop artist that has spent time in both the UK and Africa. The main reason I rock with him is that I like how confident he is on the mic. While scouring through his catalog, I stumbled upon a bunch of tracks in which he really went for it. Some of Mezmah’s biggest releases are “Better Late Than Never” and “Smoke In Mirrors.” His most recent release is the fiery “Nairobbery.”

I hate to make this review about Drake, but one of my favorite albums by the popular Canadian rapper is If Your Reading This Than It’s Too Late; this song sounds like it came straight from that project. “Nairobbery” boasts this dark hip-hop beat that will force nothing but mean mugs out of you. Over the beat, Mezmah raps about his rough come-up, his competitive nature, and the toxins he uses to self-medicate. What I love is how he sounds aggressive and gritty throughout, proving to the world that he has what it takes to make a major impact in the rap game.

Give “Nairobbery” a shot below.

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