LADY SB Knows She's The "Baddest Alive"

Baddest Alive

Lady SB

It’s a fact: Lady SB is the baddest up-and-coming rapper alive.

Toronto-based artist, LADY SB, clearly has next. This enthusiastic artist embraces her confident personality and gives her growing fanbase the inspiration to be bad bitches. That same confidence she gives to us, we give back to her, and the cycle is mutually beneficial. However, confidence is not all that she has to offer. SB’s vibrant, hard-hitting melodies led her to make popular singles such as “LAMBCHOP,” “New Cheese,” and “WAR.” These tracks, and more, are available on Spotify and YouTube. LADY SB’s latest single, “Baddest Alive,” is beyond fire. The song also has an accompanying official music video.

“Baddest Alive” confirms LADY’s place in hip-hop. Not only does her unique style make the song a classic, but having Lex Luger as a featured artist gives it an extra push. Luger produces a fast-tempo, yet vibrant beat that will hype anyone up. At the same time, LADY SB’s cutthroat attitude perfectly fits the song as she makes certain we know she’s on top. She puts all of her peers and haters in their places by refusing to let any of them bother her. 

Press play on LADY SB’s new single to learn what it feels like to be one of the “Baddest Alive.” 

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