Conor Maynard

A pop gem that reflects on heartbreak.

British musical creative, Conor Maynard, is a multi-talented artist with nothing to prove and everything to gain. This singer’s lengthy career in the industry includes a debut album that reached number one on the UK charts, world tours, awards, and collaborations with plenty of notable artists. Still, after a decade of being signed to a major label, in March of 2020, Maynard decided it was time to switch things up: He became an independent artist. Since then, the singer has continued to find success with his unique creations, racking up hundreds of millions of streams. Some of these creations include “If I Ever” and “By Your Side.” Conor’s music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. His latest drop is the pop single “Storage.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

“Storage” is the perfect song for those lonely nights when we reflect on breakups and bad decisions. There’s plenty to regret, or at least there is in Maynard’s case. Lyrics like “Wish I could ignore it / The memories and forfeit / The pain this is causing me now” and “I try to say I’m fine / But there’s no room for nothing else / Inside my mind” reflect on the pain that comes with struggling to deal with the recollections of a past relationship. The song comes with striking piano notes and so much emotion that we can almost feel the tears as they form. This bittersweet tale reminds us that we can’t always do the right thing for someone else, and sometimes, we just will get hurt. So, press play on Conor Maynard’s new single to experience the after-effects of an ex-lover that has taken up “Storage” in your head.

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