My Love


808 really flexes his vocal skills in this catchy banger.

808 has been on his grind these past two years. After releasing his very impressive Electric Rythym & Melody album last year, he has been keeping the singles coming. What I like about 808 is how much he focuses on gifting listeners with infectious melodies in his music. In today’s world, that s**t is essential. Some of 808’s biggest releases are “Side Ways,” “Popstar Shit,” and “ANTI GREMLIN.” You can find his full catalog HERE. One of my favorite releases from 808 is “My Love” from his project from last year.

In “My Love,” 808 lets his woman know that there is nothing on this planet like his love. He also bigs her up for being sexy and compatible. Throughout the song, which is powered by this intoxicating beat that has a nice bounce to it, 808 hits us with these extra passionate vocals that mesh perfectly with his infectious melodies. When it’s all said and done, “My Love” will get stuck in your head quickly and make you appreciate your partner significantly.

Give “My Love” by 808 a shot below.

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