The Journey


This is the song that is getting us hyped for ESPN’s NBA playoff games…

This year, I’ve been watching the NBA playoffs just as much as I’ve been watching my right ass cheek grow (That means a lot). The games have brought us upsets, buzzer-beaters, and whatever the hell you want to call James Harden’s game 7 performance vs. The Celtics. If you’ve been watching ESPN’s telecasts this year, you’ve heard H.E.R.’s “The Journey” in the intro to each game. Today, the full version of the track has hit streaming services.



While “The Journey” doesn’t boast specific basketball references, in the song, H.E.R. does talk about working hard to reach a goal, like winning a Larry O’Brien trophy. As expected, her (No pun intended) floats through the track like an angel, blessing us with vocals that might make you tear up at the free-throw line. Though I rather hear some uptempo s**t to hype me up for an NBA playoff game, I wouldn’t mind hearing “The Journey” after the Denver Nuggets win the Finals.

Give “The Journey” by H.E.R.  a shot below.

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