BLAME BO$ANOVUH & Nobody The Initiate

Have BLAME BO$ANOVUH & Nobody The Initiate missed yet?

BLAME BO$ANOVUH and Nobody The Initiate work so well together, I’m starting to think they are the same person. While the former delivers the brash raps, the latter gasses up the former with explosive beats that will turn clubs upside down. Some of the duo’s recent singles are “Hump Day (The1wāê)” and “Hazzzbooolllaaa.” Their latest single is “Trumpets.”

“Trumpets” is powered by this triumphant beat that also has these very impactful club vibes. Over it, BLAME BO$ANOVUH brags about having tons of money, Yes-women, and a nice little strap that he keeps in his jacket. As expected, you will f**k with the way he plows through the song with pure swag, riding the beat very well and showing a level of sliness that should not be ignored. Once again, this is a certified hit by BLAME BO$ANOVUH and Nobody The Initiate.

Give “Trumpets” a shot below.

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