Welcome To The Party


A feel-good, high-energy tech house single.

Omaha, Nebraska-based musical creative, Carl Davis, is also known as BlackLight or blacklighttrance. BlackLight is an EDM producer, songwriter, and performer who enjoys creating electronic dance music. The producer’s “insatiable passion” for the genre is evident in his work, which brings plenty of good vibes and dance-ready beats. With his music, Blacklight’s goal is to “spread good vibes, cheer, feelings, and pass along a great vibe that makes you want to dance.” Some of the artist’s previous creations include tracks like “Come Party With Me,” “I Like It,” and “Beautiful People.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify and SoundCloud. BlackLight’s latest drop is the tech house single “Welcome To The Party.”

With upbeat and fast-paced rhythms, there’s no time to stop and wait for the beat to drop. “Welcome To The Party” goes full force with hypnotic beats and pulsing bass from the very first second. It gives fans of the fast-paced style plenty of electrifying moments, all full of non-stop high energy. The track’s well-layered vocal fragments help to keep the EDM vibes going strong so that no one is without the chance to dance. This tune’s neverending vibrancy provides a much-needed escape that will leave you longing for summertime music fests. At the same time, it will allow everyone to throw their hands in the air, dance around, and forget everything else in this world. So, press play and groove along as someone shouts “Welcome To The Party.”


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