In Case You Wonder


Replacing the old you with alternative music.

Fort Worth, Texas-based musical creative, WACHO!, is a guitarist, vocalist, and producer. While the Argentine/Mexican prefers to toy with alternative vibes, he is not afraid to also embody music types from his various cultures. Some of these inspired previous releases include tracks like “That’s That,” “Dream (A Girl Named Love),” “Papi Julio,” and “Oh Oh (Oh Oh Oh Oh).” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify and YouTube. WACHO!’s latest drop is the alternative single “In Case You Wonder.” The song also comes with accompanying visuals.

This hip-hop/alternative rock song sounds like it was made in 2010. Lyrics like “I’m moving off this street / Ain’t feeling my heartbeat no more” and “Ain’t one to keep receipts / I buried the old me, six feet under, in case you wonder” are just as nostalgic-sounding. Overall, “In Case You Wonder” is summery enough to keep us grounded, but at the same time, it’s unafraid to commit to a new side. Yes, leaving the old us behind is depressing, but think of it as a new start. So, crank up the volume and groove along to WACHO!’s “In Case You Wonder.”