Want Me

Dylan Hazen

Av(0n)t-garde! EDM that will blast you away!

Dylan Hazen is “a rising star in the dynamic realm of electronic music.” The artist’s unique creations show off his innovative style and ability to push boundaries. Hazen’s musical journey began when the artist toured as a lead guitarist in a local band, where he played in international shows in Shanghai and Beijing. His creations are “deeply rooted in his personal experiences and relationships, drawing inspiration from his emotions and those around him.” Some of Hazen’s previous work includes tunes like “Feel Your Love,” “Walk Away,” and “Blank Pictures.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Dylan Hazen’s latest drop is the dual single “Don’t You Know,” which features the song “Want Me.”

Electrifying and dreamy elements can make you feel like you’re on Cloud 9 while everything falls down around you. “Want Me” instantly pulls you into its sonic soundscape for a unique experience. Its striking experimental style and the track’s dynamic production give listeners a transportive sense as vocals repeat various tones amid well-layered synths and infectious hyper-pop tones. It has both nostalgic moments and inviting futuristic senses, so you won’t want to turn away from anything.

Press play below on Dylan Hazen’s “Want Me.”