Someone Else’s Love

Dacris & Menuette

Groove while you lust after someone you can’t have.

Dacris, a German artist, understands the positive impact that songs can have. With extensive musical knowledge and a grasp of diverse cultural elements, he incorporates a unique perspective into his compositions. Dacris embarked on a journey to set better examples through his music, aiming to transcend borders, cultures, and genres, offering listeners a profound sonic experience. Among his previous releases are tracks like “Believe in You,” “Salted Kisses,” “Best Shot,” and “Pure,” available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Recently, Dacris collaborated with artist Menuette on the dance single “Someone Else’s Love,” accompanied by visuals. Together, they deliver a mesmerizing musical experience.

A dance-inducing bass kicks off this song, setting the scene for a club anthem. However, beneath the energetic facade lies a tale of bittersweet love. “Someone Else’s Love” employs dynamic storytelling, expressing the yearning for a person whose heart belongs to another. Lyrics like “There’s not a sound, Running in and out, Taking always what you want” and “You never get enough so, You get more from someone, Someone else’s love” capture the longing and dilemma of dancing to the beat of someone else’s sadness while reflecting on what’s missed. It leaves you wondering if someone else might be dancing to your heartache too. So, let Dacris’s music take over, and let the desire for “Someone Else’s Love” sweep you off your feet on the dancefloor.