There For You

Ian Ewing & Shaqdi

“There For You” is a synths-based club banger.

Discover the musical brilliance of Ian Ewing, a Southern California-based self-taught instrumentalist, producer, and artist, who has been making waves with his genre-blending sound. His music, a smooth mix of hip-hop, electronica, and R&B, has caught the attention and praise of notable outlets such as SiriusXM, BBC One Extra, Soulection, Complexion’s Future Beats Show, and Indie Shuffle. Ewing’s work is deeply inspired by the outdoors and our connection with it, adding an extra layer of soulful resonance to his tunes. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. One of Ian Ewing’s recent drops is the four-track EP, Where I’ll Be, which opens with the song “There For You.” The new tune also features London-based artist, Shaqdi.

This synths-based soundtrack is filled with springy pop, making it a great club banger. The sonic soundscape soothes the soul and heightens the feeling of relaxation, giving off those perfect summer vibes. Lyrics like “If you ever find yourself stuck at sea, if you need a helping hand in the deep” and “I’ll always have your back, yeah, you can count on me, ’cause I will be there for you, I will be there” hear the London-based artist reaffirming her solid support for her special someone. Ethereal bliss finds its name and presence here in the nearly lofi tones. It’s about time someone embraced love in this lowkey way. So, press play on Ian Ewing and let the power of connection shine when someone says they’re “There For You.”