Jordy & Louis Rei

Jordy and Louis Rei killed this s**t!

Jordy makes it clear on social media that his name is Jordy, not Jordan. Well, considering the wins he has achieved in the past couple of years, calling him Jordan might not be too far off. Not only has he amassed millions of streams on Spotify, but he has also crafted a sound that artfully blends old-school and new-school elements. Some of Jordy’s biggest hits include “I Called Tj Twice,” “A13,” and “Uber X.” His latest single, “TOO MUCH,” features Louis Rei.

Real talk, “TOO MUCH” is one of my favorite songs from this year. In it, Jordy and Louis Rei big up all their women around the world, on some Ludacris and Nate Dogg s**t. While the former delivers slick-ass bars that give me Mase vibes, Louis Rei provides a smooth and somewhat gritty hook. Both of their styles complement the booming but sly production that drives the song.

Give “TOO MUCH” a shot below.