Jazz Montell

How do you feel about being “a fool for love?”

London-based artist, Jazz Montell, is a rising singer and songwriter. At the core of his artistic mission lies the intent to shed light on his perspective. Montell’s endeavor is to breathe life into his narratives, meticulously crafting tales that resonate with his own experiences. For him, music serves as a therapeutic outlet, a means to channel his emotions and thoughts. A testament to his artistic essence, he extends a warm invitation with the opening sentiment, “welcome to my world; I hope you enjoy the experience,” an introductory glimpse into the captivating universe he crafts through his creative expressions. Jazz’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest drop is the single “Criminal.” The song also has an accompanying official video.

Blending melodic vocals with captivating reggae-infused rhythms, “Criminal” presents a captivating promise of romance. Yet, the song takes an unexpected twist, weaving a tapestry of both love and violence. Unlike the conventional notion of love being associated with criminality, this track explores a dynamic where promises are made but not necessarily desired to be fulfilled. With poignant lyrics such as “Six feet underground wash my sins in the dirt, Blood stains on my hands you know love hurts” and “I’m not a criminal but I’ll kill for love tell me I deserve you, I’m gonna risk it all to make sure you know,” the artist paints a vivid picture of unwavering devotion to a significant other. Beyond its surface meaning, the song elicits a heartfelt response, evoking emotions that tug at the strings of the listener’s heart. Immerse yourself in Jazz Montell’s enchanting soundscape, and allow “Criminal” to usher you into a realm where love’s complexities intertwine with its fervent passion, leaving you both captivated and moved.