0sb0rne & femilovesme

0sb0rne has himself the perfect summertime hit.

0sb0rne is a Michigan-born, Berlin-based singer-songwriter who I think is hella talented. While scouring through his catalog, you’ll hear all kinds of genres and impressive melodies. He also does a fantastic job of pouring his heart out in his music. Some of my favorite songs from 0sb0rne are “rain after summer,” “Molly2,” and “How It Go.” You can find his entire catalog on Spotify. Recently, 0sb0rne linked up with femilovesme for a new collaboration track called “FYA.”

“FYA” is perfect for the summertime. For starters, the track boasts production with colorful and hypnotizing island vibes. Over it, 0sb0rne uses passionate vocals and infectious melodies to speak on his love for someone that has a body that is on point and a sex game that has him hooked. If you are with someone you adore entirely, grab their hand and dance with them to this festive banger.

Give “FYA” a shot below.