Wait, did Keke tap that?

A noteworthy incident unfolded at an Usher concert two weeks ago. During one of his Vegas performances, the Atlanta native delivered a captivating serenade to Keke Palmer and her companions. Initially, this seemed harmless to most of us. However, Keke’s boyfriend took to social media to publicly criticize her for her revealing attire in a video capturing the event. Following this episode, the couple appeared to have parted ways, seemingly marking the conclusion of this particular episode. Yet, contrary to our assumptions, the story didn’t conclude there…

Amidst the ongoing “Keke, do you love me scandal,” Usher has seized the opportunity by releasing a stirring new track titled “Boyfriend.” In this bold song, he openly discusses spending time with a woman already in a committed relationship. I hate to pile on to homeboy’s misery, but the track is fire. It features classic Usher melodies, some sly-ass lyrics, and an uptempo pop beat he usually kills like s**t.

Usher’s marketing team needs a 100% raise for this.