Killer Mike (Ft. T.I., JID & Jacquees)

Killer Mike continues to make meaningful records.

Killer Mike dropped an album of the year nominee in MICHAEL. Not only does the project have some fantastic guest appearances, but it also has some very powerful lyrics. While I am not sure if there will be a deluxe edition of the project, today, we did get a new single from Killer Mike called “MAYNARD VIGENETTE” with T.I., JID, and Jacquees.

“MAYNARD VIGENETTE” falls directly in line with the kind of music on MICHAEL. In the song, Killer Mike, T.I., and JID rap about old-ass beliefs, the major plays they made in the past, and the horrors that come with living in the hood. While Mike is the one that delivers the easy-to-digest rapping style, it’s T.I. and JID that comes with the dynamic, sped-up flows. As for Jacquees, he delivers a silky smooth hook that is infectious as hell.

Give “MAYNARD VIGENETTE” a shot below.