A heartfelt R&B gem that powerfully examines the complex nature of love.

Lewis Fitzgerald is a singer and songwriter from the UK. With plenty of passion for his work, the artist’s distinctive style is showcased in his unique creations. The singer declares, “I really wanna make a change in this world, and I hope my music can do that.” Some of the artist’s previous releases include songs like “Darling,” “Number 74,” “Short Ride,” “Love Me,” and “Closure/Ashamed.” Lewis Fitzgerald’s latest drop is the R&B single “Clarity” and its accompanying official video.

With a mesmerizing blend of soul-stirring beats and infectious pop elements, “Clarity” provides the perfect, evocative backdrop to beautifully complement the tune’s emotional exploration. Lyrics like “Maybe you need some distance, A little room to breathe, Maybe you need some time away to think about you and me” and “Even though it’s hurting, I’ve got to set you free, I’m hoping you find some peace of mind and eventually some clarity” offer up a heartfelt reflection about growing apart in a relationship. With its passion-filled vocals and just the right amount of melancholy, Lewis Fitzgerald gifts us with a striking R&B track that examines the complex nature of love. So, press play and let the words of the artist’s latest creation help you find some “Clarity.”