An R&B track that calls for affection.

Sydney’s musical talent, Nick Marcus, possesses a distinctive and soulful voice that seamlessly blends with his pop and R&B sound. Constantly pushing boundaries, he ventures into various music styles, creating evocative tunes that resonate with fans, stirring up nostalgic sentiments. His music delves into themes like heartbreak, relationships, and the journey of falling in love. In his latest release, the single “Hold Me,” Nick Marcus channels the essence of 90s R&B, offering a stellar track that feels like a nostalgic throwback.

Transporting listeners back to the golden era of R&B, Marcus shakes the table by reviving its cherished elements. If you’ve been yearning for the glory days of the genre when artists truly knew how to sing, Marcus rekindles that magic with his passionate and emotive vocals. Beyond skillful singing, he infuses authenticity into his delivery, allowing listeners to genuinely feel his emotions. Setting a magical mood filled with deep love and affection, Marcus crafts a timeless piece. While you might not be able to hold Marcus yourself, you can certainly experience the magic by streaming his new classic single below!